Temple Packaging | Plants and Technologies
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Our plants are set up at convenient locations in the southern, central and northern regions of India to satisfy the needs of our valued customers.


Packaging, when applied to the pharmaceutical field acquires great significance and dimension. It involves critical and complex processes as the packs are required to possess durability for a long period of time. It is thus necessary to evolve appropriate packaging materials and specifications that will conform to all the needs – internally and externally. Temple packaging ensures the same with

  • B2B manufacturing
  • Innovative cost efficient packaging methods.
  • Quality upgradation and system developments
  • Logistics support thereby reducing lead time for dispatch.


It offers top end and up to date technology to improve packaging with the following processes:

Foil Sampling
The only finishing process capable of applying a non-tarnishing metallic foil print to paper as well as plastic and paper board.

The process employed to convey high quality textural contrast to the packaging design in relation to the surrounding area of the stock.

The finishing technique used for a variety of purposes like adding lustre or gloss to a printed product while providing stability to the packaging sheet, making the package waterproof etc.

Flash Varnish
A special type of screen printing technology used as an anti-counterfeiting tool and to make cartons attractive and unique.

It is used in pharmaceutical packaging and is a mandatory requirement in USA and European countries.

Spot UV
Is adding a varnish to a certain design or photo on a carton, by drawing attention and adding a visual stimulus.

UV Gloss
Is a glossy varnish passed on paper by an ultraviolet light hardening the coat of varnish on the paper giving it a gloss effect?

UV Matt
The varnish is passed with an ultraviolet light, hardening the varnish over the paper, which gives it a smooth dull clear look.